"Professional, Trustworthy, Sustainable"

Rice Farms, LLC

Wanatah, Indiana

Our Farm History

Rice Farms is currently a 5th generation family farming operation that started in 1914 when James Edward Rice moved from North Eastern Kansas to Wanatah, Indiana.  From 1914-1916, they rented a farm on US30 and in 1917 they were able to buy the farm that our operation is currently based on.  James retired and passed the operation on to his son Edward who in turn passed the operation to his son Gene who retired in 1998 and passed the operation on to his son Scott who currently operates the farm with his son  James.  James and his family live right here on the Home farm on 1350 S.  James and his wife Ashley have 3 children and hope to one day be able to continue the family tradition of incorporating some or all of their children into the family farming operation. 

"Our Mission Statement"

We Desire to be the best that we can be at producing high quality crops with the resources God has blessed us with. We want to provide an opportunity for success for our family, landowners, employees, and future generations by incorporating the most sustainable agronomic and business practices that we can.  We strive to create long-term lasting relationships with our employees, landowners, customers, and suppliers through honesty and integrity in all our business and personal dealings.  Trust is what it's all about!