"Professional, Trustworthy, Sustainable"

Rice Farms, LLC

Wanatah, Indiana

We grow processing tomatoes for Red Gold who is an Indiana based, family owned business.  We feel very blessed to work with such a great company who displays the same type of family values as we do.


In addition to the specialty crops we grow, we also grow conventional row crops such as commercial corn, soybeans, and wheat.  These crops aren't grown for any particular company like the specialty crops listed above.  They are grown and stored mainly on our farm and sold and delivered to several different buyers for many different uses.   The majority of all of what we grow is grown on farms that are irrigated.  Our farm is around 95% irrigated. 

Seed Corn

Commercial Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat

We also grow seed corn for another great Indiana based company by the name of Remington Seeds.  Remington Seeds as a great company to work with and we greatly value the working relationship we have with them.