Rice Farms, LLC

Wanatah, Indiana


Market Conditions

Spring planting got started a little later than normal by about a week but optimum conditions allowed us to complete planting in a timely fashion without too many rain delays.  Overall, all crops got an above average start!

"Professional, Trustworthy, Sustainable"

Overall weather for 2018 has been a rollercoaster ride.  April ended up being one of the coldest on records with May then being one of the warmest on records.  We had adequate soil moisture up until the 2nd week of June when we started watering.  As I update this page today (June 21, 2018) it is raining and we have received a welcomed .7" of rain thus far. 

Current Farm News

Commodity markets have continued to be soft the last several years and took another turn down recently due to trade tensions as well as overall global supply being high.  We continue to look for new ways to cut costs and remain profitable in a time of low commodity prices relative to costs. 

(current corn futures price to the left, and soybean futures price to the left)

Spring Planting