Adam Koontz

Currently at Rice Farms, we have 3 full-time staff members that are an integral part of making our operation successful.  We are very thankful for each and every one of them and all their hard work and dedication to our businesses! 

Adam just recently rejoined our staff earlier this summer.  Adam worked for us during and right after high school and then pursued other interests.  Adam has a great deal of experience in agriculture and operating machinery and we are very excited to have him back on our team. 

Josh Sallee

"Professional, Trustworthy, Sustainable"

Chase has been with us here at the farm going on 10 years now.  Chase takes on a wide array of roles here at the farm including management and excels extremely well at all of them.  We are very thankful for all his hard work and dedication to help make the farm succeed! 

Rice Farms, LLC

Wanatah, Indiana

Josh has been working at the farm for a little over 3 years now.  He started working for us in the winter in our snow business years ago and we are super grateful that he decided to work for us full-time!  Josh is an outstanding asset to our workforce here and does an amazing job at anything he does.     

Chase Rinker